The Tiger General redeploys to Palmyra as Deir Ezzor offensive becomes top priority



Major General Suheil al-Hassan (nicknamed the Tiger) has been redeployed to the Palmyra frontline. This news comes as the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has made fresh gains north of Palmyra in the past 24 hours, thus capturing the al-Mazar Mountains and the Brigade 550 Army Base.

However, ISIS simultaneously conducted a major offensive inside Deir Ezzor city which had their fighters wrestle the al-Sina’ah district and Industrial Center from government troops. With the majority of the Tiger Forces still stationed at the Palmyra frontline, these elite Syrian soldiers are expected to strike eastwards along the M7-Highway and eventually break the ISIS-imposed siege on the provincial capital of Deir Ezzor. Meanwhile, as ISIS commanders are well aware of the upcoming government offensive towards Deir Ezzor, they now have every incentive to launch assaults on Deir Ezzor city.

More specifically, they are expected to target the Deir Ezzor Airbase which represents a vital logistical lifeline for entrenched government troops in the city. Nevertheless, the redeployment of the Tiger General also spells the temporal abandonment of the Aleppo city offensive which seemed to lack sufficient support of Russian Air Force.

Meanwhile, new morning reports indicate that SAA troops – spearheaded by the Tiger Forces – are making further advances north of Palmyra, thereby striking deep into ISIS territory held by jihadist militants since 2014.

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