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The world should boycott the US: Analyst


Countries around the world should boycott the United States because it is the world tyranny that forces other countries to do its bidding as it forced United Nations Security Council members to vote for sanctions against Iran, says an American political analyst.

Commenting on a recent report which showed the US ambassador to the UN in 2010, Susan Rice, thanked the US National Security Agency for spying on Security Council members which helped Washington’s anti-Iran moves, Dr. Kevin Barret, an editor at Veterans Today, told Press TV on Tuesday that the US is acting like “a tyrannical world dictator.”

Documents which were published in American journalist Glenn Greenwald’s recent book showed Rice asked the NSA to spy on UN Security Council members “so that she could develop a strategy” regarding a vote on sanctions against Iran over its nuclear energy program.

According to an internal NSA report, Rice said the NSA’s spying on other permanent members of the UN Security Council — China, England, France, and Russia — “gave us an upper hand in negotiations” which led to sanctions against Iran in June 2010.

The document also reveals that the NSA spied on diplomats from other Security Council members — including Bosnia, Gabon, Nigeria, and Uganda — whose embassies and missions were not already under surveillance.

“Essentially these countries – Bosnia, Gabon, Nigeria, and Uganda – which were the ones that were specifically targeted to force them to vote for sanctions against Iran are no longer independent nations, they no longer have sovereignty because the NSA can break into the communications of their leaders and force those leaders one way or another to do the bidding of whoever controls the NSA,” said Barret.

“This is world tyranny and anybody who’s willing to live in a world run with this kind of tyranny is out of their mind,” he added. “The world should boycott the United States of America.”

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