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Threats can’t force Iran into bargaining over missile might, regional interests: Top cmdr.

Iran’s top military commander says enemy threats will fail to intimidate the Islamic Republic into bargaining over its missile power and regional interests.

Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Baqeri made the remarks at an exhibition of defense achievements in Tehran on Thursday, with foreign ambassadors and military attaches in attendance.

He hailed the Armed Forces’ self-sufficiency in fulfilling the country’s defense needs, saying they have managed to produce up to 80 percent of their required military equipment in ground, aerial, naval and missile defense areas.

Baqeri also highlighted the US’s cruel campaign of economic pressure against the Iranian nation, saying sanctions have targeted even food, medicine and the purchase and repair of passenger planes, and that such restrictive measures “are not acceptable at all under international law.”

“Our message to arrogant governments – which have excessive demands [from Iran] — is that we are ready to defend [the nation] and counter their different plots,…and we will not be intimidated by their threats into bargaining over own defense and missile power as well as regional interests,” he said.

The Iranian Armed Forces, Baqeri added, are ready to share their military experience with brotherly and Muslim countries to promote their fight against terrorism.

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He also highlighted Iran’s pivotal role in the region, saying the Islamic Republic has employed all its capacities to boost the battles against Takfiri Daesh terrorists.

Iran, he added, has “done a great service not only to the security of the people in Western Asia but also to the entire humanity” through its military advisory presence on the battlefield against Daesh in Iraq and Syria.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran, alongside the Armed Forces of Iraq and Syria, defeated Daesh and prevented its advance into other countries, even into the Europe,” the general said.

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