Three European states recall envoys

After the UK withdrew its diplomatic mission from Iran, Germany, France and the Netherlands have also recalled their ambassadors to Tehran for consultation.

On Wednesday, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said London is withdrawing its diplomatic staff from Tehran after Iranian students demonstrated outside the British Embassy.

Hague went on to say that the Iranian Embassy in London would also be immediately closed and Tehran must remove its diplomatic mission within 48 hours.

Following Hague’s statement, France, Germany and the Netherlands also announced that they are recalling their ambassador to Iran for consultation.

“In view of yesterday’s events in Tehran, Foreign Minister (Guido) Westerwelle has decided to recall the German ambassador in Iran to Berlin for consultations,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

Hundreds of Iranian students staged a protest rally outside of two UK diplomatic compounds in Tehran on Tuesday, pulling down the UK flag and demanding the expulsion of the British envoy.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said on Wednesday that Tehran considers any attack against diplomatic missions and buildings and the violation of international law are unacceptable.

He added that the incident in Tehran was the result of the anger of demonstrators at British policies and was unexpected.

The Iranian official said that the vigilance of authorities had prevented any of the diplomats from being injured and Iran’s Judiciary will punish perpetrators accordingly.

He described Britain’s demand that Iranian diplomats leave London as hasty and Tehran will take necessary measures in return.

Mehmanparast stressed that London is responsible for protecting Iran’s diplomatic mission and buildings.

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