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Thwarting US: Iran’s vice president meets Cuban president on LatAm visit

Iran’s vice president for economic affairs has called for strengthening relations with Cuba in order to counter the enemies’ illegal campaign of pressure and sanctions targeting both nations.

Mohsen Rezaei made the remarks on Tuesday at a meeting with Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, where he attended the inauguration ceremony of President Daniel Ortega.

Referring to the history of friendship between Tehran and Havana, Rezaei stressed the importance of efforts to develop and enhance bilateral ties in various sectors, especially science, technology and trade.

He also pointed to good and effective cooperation between the two countries in the field of new technologies as well as the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the production of a joint anti-COVID vaccine.

“By expanding cooperation, we must neutralize the sanctions and pressure of the enemies and render ineffective their conspiracies against resilient nations. Of course, it has been the case so far,” he added.

Rezaei further expressed Iran’s readiness to expand all-out cooperation with Cuba, saying, “We can establish a joint trade union to facilitate and boost Iran’s trade with Latin American states, particularly Cuba.”

“The Islamic Republic pays special respect to the Cuban government and nation and their resistance against the excessive demands of the oppressors. It is also committed and determined to strengthen relations and friendship with the country.”

The Cuban president, for his part, praised the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and the resistance of the Iranian government and people against the excessive demands of oppressive powers, especially the US.

“The Cuban government and people attach special value to the rich culture and beloved nation of Iran,” he noted.

Emphasizing the need to develop Iran-Cuba cooperation in all field, especially trade, science and technology, he said, “The joint cooperation to counter the coronavirus disease and the development of a vaccine is a great success in the fight against sanctions and the conspiracy of the common enemy of the two nations.”

Diaz-Canel further supported Iran’s right to the peaceful use of nuclear energy and stressed efforts to develop banking and trade ties between Tehran and Havana.

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