Iraqi Mufti hails religious freedom of Iran’s Sunni community


Extending gratitude over efforts by Islamic Republic of Iran for materializing Islamic solidarity, prominent Iraqi cleric hailed the religious freedom of Iranian Sunni community in a conference on Islamic unity held in Iraq on Wednesday 17 January.

Sheikh Khalid Mala’, top Iraqi mufti, in his speech at Baghdad conference on “Mentality and Materialization of Islamic Unity” expressed gratitude for the struggles of the Iraqi nation and Shia jurisprudence for issuing historical fatwa to mobilize people in anti-Daesh campaign lauding the role of Islamic Republic of Iran in topple of Daesh terrorist group in the country, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Representative of the Sunni community endowment bureau also hailed the struggles of the Islamic Republic for materialization of Islamic unity saying,” A topic which was counted a religious fault in 2003 has turned into a certain value by both Shia and Sunni clerics and this reveals the success achieved by pioneers of solidarity in the world of Islam.”

Sheikh Khalid Mala’ stressed all-out efforts to realize unity in Islamic countries and maintaining mutual respect for beliefs of other denominations and added,” People should, besides commitment to their beliefs, should respect the ideas of other schools of thought.”

Iraqi scholar warned against dividing intrigues by enemies of Islam and added,” Criteria of unifying behaviors should turn into inclusive guidelines in all Islamic countries so that all stand committed to that.”

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