Tunisian president receives Mishaal, Hamas delegation

Tunisian president Al-Muncef Al-Marzouqi received political bureau chairman of Hamas Khaled Mishaal and the accompanying delegation at Carthage Palace on Wednesday night.

A Hamas statement quoted Meshaal as expressing pleasure for visiting Tunisia after its victorious revolution, which, he said, was an inspiration for other Arab countries.

Meshaal also briefed the president on latest Palestinian developments and reconciliation efforts.

For his part, the Tunisian president affirmed his country’s unwavering support for the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights, adding that the Palestine cause was backed by all spectrums of the Tunisian political arena.

The Hamas delegates earlier met with Tunisian foreign minister Dr. Rafiq Abdulsalam for a similar review of the Palestinian developments and reconciliation in addition to the overall Arab conditions.

Leader of the Islamic Annahda movement Rashid Al-Ghannouchi had also met with Mishaal and the accompanying delegation earlier on Wednesday.

Ghannouchi, who invited Mishaal to visit Tunis and attend his party’s 9th congress, reviewed Palestinian developments with Mishaal, who thanked Ghannouchi for the invitation and added that the Hamas delegation considered itself a guest of all political forces and trends in Tunisia.

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