Turkey focuses Iraq beside Syria

7a84f5762064c8f27f38d38a9e4b6c08_LAccording to a Friday report by the Turkish daily Hurriyet, former US Ambassador to Iraq and Turkey Jim Jeffrey said there are several reasons why Ankara’s strengthening ties with Baghdad are overshadowing its role in Syria’s crisis.
The former US envoy said Iraq is now emerging as a potential source of stability unlike before, as well as a major oil exporter.
A Turkish official recently stated, “Iraq is now more important for us,” adding, “You saw this shift during Undersecretary of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Feridun Sinirlioglu’s visit to Washington two weeks ago as well.”
The report said Ankara is well aware of the unwillingness that Washington has signaled for military intervention in Syria.
In an interview with the New Republic magazine published on January 28, Obama responded to domestic criticisms of the US administration’s failure for military action against Syria by saying he is fully aware of the limitations Washington faces for such an action.

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