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Turkey rallies rap hijab ban continuation

People have held demonstrations in Istanbul as well as two other cities in southeastern and eastern Turkey to condemn the continuation of a ban, imposed by the Turkish government on hijab at schools.

The demonstrations were held in Istanbul, Malatya, and Diyarbakir on Monday.

Demonstrators called for freedom to wear hijab at schools and universities.

Protesters held placards reading, “Don’t touch my hijab,” “We will struggle until the ban on hijab is lifted,” and, “Oppression on scarf-wearing women continues.”

Women not wearing scarves also attended protests against the ban to express solidarity.

Turkey’s Education Ministry recently issued an order banning headscarves for schoolgirls.

The Turkish government does not allow headscarf-wearing schoolgirls to continue their education at educational centers.

Under the new order, only girls who study at religious schools are allowed to wear hijab.

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