Turkish anti-Patriot protest ends in violence

Turkish anti-Patriot protest ends in violence
News sources say that demonstrations in Turkey against the installation of NATO Patriot missiles have ended in violence.
While a Dutch ship carrying parts of Patriot missiles arrived in port city of İskenderun, Turkish people demonstrated against the installation of the missiles in their soil.

According to report by Radio Voice of Russia, the demonstrators also chanted slogans against Western intervention in the region and Erdogan government’s request from NATO for military support under the banner of defense against potential Syrian threats.

People’s demonstration against recent Erdogan’s government’s policies ended in violence, and police used tear gas against the demonstrators.

Reportedly, a number of the demonstrators have been arrested by the riot police, who did not provide information on the number of arrested people.

Iranian authorities had condemned the installation of Patriot missiles in Turkey, and regarded it as putting obstacles on the way to cordial ties between Turkey and Iran.

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