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Turkish base targeted by rockets in northern Iraq

Just hours after the attack on the US base in northern Iraq, Iraqi sources reported that a Turkish military base in the north of the country has been targeted by rockets.

Iraqi sources reported on Saturday morning that the Turkish base of ‘Zelikan’ in the city of Bashiqa in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh was targeted by rockets.

Two rockets hit a Turkish base in Iraq’s Nineveh province, Al-Furat News reported, quoting its correspondent.

However, the Sabereen News reported that three 122-mm rockets targeted the Zelikan base in Nineveh province.

Al-Ahd News also confirmed the report, quoting a security source, as saying that the base had been attacked with three rockets.

The Iraqi media has not yet released exact details about the possible casualties or financial damage caused by the attack.

On the other hand, Turkish official sources have not yet reacted to these reports and have not denied or confirmed them.

The attack comes as the Iraqi sources said Saturday morning that the US wing of Balad Air Base in Saladin province in northern Iraq has been targeted.

The Zelikan base has been targeted by rockets several times in recent months.

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