Turkish Government aids foreign terrorists with the same mortars which shelled Akcakale

Turkey was inevitably affected by the events in Syria… that it was very necessary for it to adopt new polices and be aware that instigating others will bring nothing but more damages… The Turkish government was wrong at seeing the whole region through a sectarian vision, Journalist Ali Sirmen wrote in an article published by the Yurt Newspaper.

He added, “Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan was carrying out the policies of the US in Syria and the region, bearing the political and martial burden of this policy.”

The Newspaper also revealed that the bomber which was used to launch the mortar on the Turkish Akcakale town is only used by NATO.

In an article by its Editor-in-Chief Merdan Yanardag, Yurt clarified that it had information from a reliable source saying that Turkey was the side which sent the mortars to the members of so-called ”the free army”.

“This information affirms that the Government of Erdogan’s wrong policy was behind the falling of the mortar in the town that claimed the lives of 5 Turks.” Yanaradag added.

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