Turkish Police, Syria Militants Clash Near Border

Turkish Police, Syria Militants Clash Near Border

Fierce clashes erupted between terrorist groups and the Turkish police near the Syrian borders, informed Syrian military sources disclosed on Sunday.

The Turkish police clashed with a group of militants at the borderline in Northwestern Syria, specially in Ezmarin and Bita towns, on Saturday night, informed sources in Idlib countryside said.

The fighting erupted after the militants tried to smuggle diesel fuel into Turkey.

More than 20 militants and 4 police officers were killed in the clashes.

Meantime, three oil tankers were also destroyed after they caught fire during the cross fire.

The clashes took place as the Turkey’s borders are open to the flow of the terrorists who plan to sneak into Syria, but sometimes such clashes take place.

In January, Turkish police seized two buses packed with weapons and ammunition in the Southern province of Adana near the Syrian border, local media reported.

The buses were headed to the Turkish border province of Hatay, the Dogan news agency said, adding that the arms were concealed in the baggage hold of the vehicles.

There have been a number of weapons seizures on the Turkey-Syria border in recent months. Authorities seized a vehicle loaded with 1,200 rocket warheads in November.

FARS News Agency

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