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Two Hundred Takfiris Killed in Qalamoun Last Week


Many Western diplomats in Lebanon have expressed appreciation to Hezbollah’s fight in Syria against the Takfiri groups. They have recently repeated in their meetings with Lebanese officials, that had Hezbollah not interfered on the right time and place, Lebanon would have witnessed the penetration of Takfiri groups in many Lebanese regions.

The Israeli occupation is seeking Egyptian help to come out of the deep crisis it was engulfed in by attacking Gaza Strip. The occupation has admitted a dramatic failure in weighing the capabilities of the Palestinian resistance and its readiness to continue the war for months.

Iraqi tribes are growing fed up with the so called ISIL conduct in their areas. There is a kind of upheaval and continuous fight against this Takfiri group after the people discovered it is conducting a very narrow minded policy that is unbearable to the people and alien to their customs.

Two hundred members of the Takfiri groups were killed by the Syrian army last week when they were successfully ambushed in Qalamoun area.

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