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Two pariah terror-regimes exposed

Two pariah terror-regimes are being exposed! Or rather, they are exposing themselves.

The Indian caste system aside, people do not become pariahs unless they have done something abominable.

And that is the situation with the terror-regimes of the USA and Israel. Nothing could be more pressing, more exigent, than the elimination of weapons of mass destruction in the world’s tinder box i.e., the Middle East.

Former USA Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has just made a remarkable admission. Referring to the Middle East, he says, “If you can’t hear the drums of war you must be deaf.” He sees a global war and hopes that, in the end, “hopefully if all goes well, half the Middle East will be Israeli.”

Thus, faced with the prospect of global war and massive Israeli expansion, nothing could be more imperative than that those who possess nuclear, thermonuclear, chemical and biological weapons should be identified and forced to admit their possession.

And nothing could be more imperative than to bring to account those regimes which, in addition to possessing weapons of mass destruction, have decades-long records of war-mongering and aggression.

So step forward the USA and Israel with decades-long records of war-mongering and aggression which have just guaranteed to turn themselves into pariahs.

A major conference aimed at banning nuclear weapons in the Middle East has been cancelled. Why? Because the USA is worried that criticism of that vicious, slavering attack-dog called the Zionist entity of Israel would isolate it even further.

Isolate it even further? That couldn’t be made up, could it? Israel is already a pariah regime because of its policy of genocide by which the Arab people are pressured, squeezed and expelled from Palestine. Its latest phosphorus-spewing and dime-slashing in Gaza (like the USA’s use of depleted uranium in Iraq) guarantees it will remain a pariah.

Similarly, Israel will remain a pariah because of its habit of denying that it possesses nuclear, thermonuclear, biological and chemical weapons when everybody else knows it possesses them. Like some silly child, Israel thinks it is being clever by denying something that everybody else knows to be true.

And the USA is determined to keep Israel a pariah and be one itself. It says, “We would not support a conference in which any regional state would be subject to pressure or isolation,” (USA State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland). By this the USA means it does not want the Zionist entity to be upbraided for possessing every type of ghastly weapon of mass destruction that evil could ever devise.

Even more astonishing is that the USA says that the conference cannot be convened “because of present conditions in the Middle East.”

Present conditions? These conditions (of tension, injustice and aggression by Israel) are precisely the conditions which could explode into a third world war. If ever there was a time for openness about the possession of gruesome weapons of mass destruction, it is now.

By suppressing open admission of Israel’s possession of mass destruction weapons, the USA is guaranteeing that, along with Israel, it, too, will remain a pariah. Indeed, it will become even more of a pariah.

Russia and the UK are among major sponsors of the conference but the UK (usually a staunch supporter of every aggressive and genocidal act inflicted by Israel) is seemingly having second thoughts. Firstly, a few days ago it cautioned against a Zionist ground invasion of Gaza. It did this not because it has stopped supporting Zionism. Rather it was because the UK is beginning to recognise (as most other nations did long ago) that its vicious friend (the whining, self-pitying, racist Zionist entity) is quite capable of precipitating a worldwide nuclear destruction.

Secondly, the UK is now siding with Russia against Israel over the cancellation of the Middle East WMD conference. This is a very serious matter. Let nobody be naive enough to think that a worldwide nuclear destruction is unlikely.

Zionist atomic policy is the ‘Samson option’ by which it is meant that Tel Aviv upholds the right to atom bomb every capital city in the world. And the Zionists mean it because they dream of Armageddon (a worldwide destruction starting in the Middle East) and want to bring it about. In their eschatology (the final events of history), Armageddon comes just before they are wafted up to Heaven. Only the Zionists could want a general destruction of humanity as necessary to their own salvation.

Actually, to be fair, the German Nazis did as well. The Israeli Nazis and German Nazis have much in common. Racialism and the expulsion of others (viewed as sub-human), for example.

Mind you, also to be fair, the USA has about ten times more Armageddon-supporters than there are in Israel. These are the Christian Zionists, over fifty million of them, who also think they can reach Heaven via Armageddon. And the need to appease those fifty million is the underlying reason why the USA is continually instigating wars in the Middle East. Like Israel its deepest psychological needs are served by war in the Middle East.

The UK says the conference is only postponed, not cancelled. That will depend, of course, on whether the UK manages to summon sufficient courage to join the Non-aligned Movement and have a straight fight over this matter. With William Hague, a Zionist twerp, as foreign secretary this is not very likely but some people in the British Foreign Office are showing signs of seeing the seriousness of the situation.

Moreover, the coming move at the United Nations to have Palestine declared an independent state could well finally expose the USA and Israel as the pariahs that they are.

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