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U.S-backed terrorists martyred16 Army and Law-Enforcements in Syria

Sixteen army and law-enforcement martyrs on Monday were escorted from Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus and Zahi Azraq Military Hospital in Lattakia to their final resting place.

The martyrs were killed in the line of duty by armed terrorist groups in Homs and Damascus Countryside.

Solemn processions were held for the martyrs, as the music of “The Martyr” and “The Farewell” was playing.

The martyrs are:

-Warrant Officer Sami Sleiman al-Abdullah, from Tartous.

-Retired Warrant Officer Hussein Ibrahim Hasan, from Lattakia.

-Warrant Officer Hussein Matar Hamadi, from Homs.

-Sergeant Major Mahmoud Ahmad al-Khatib, from Hama.

-Sergeant Major Hatem Jamil Ahmad, from Lattakia.

-Sergeant Mahmoud Hasan Salloum, from Tartous.

-Sergeant Hussam Ibrahim al-Ali, from Aleppo.

-Sergeant Mahmoud Ahmad Shams, from Aleppo.

-Conscript Yehea Dawoud al-Homsi, from Damascus Countryside.

-Conscript Khedr Khaled Abdullah, from Aleppo.

-Conscript Yasser Hasan al-Hamad, from Aleppo.

-Conscript Tamer Mahmoud al-Khamis, from Hasaka.

-Conscript Khalil Ismael Taher, from Aleppo.

-Conscript Hisham Hussein al-Atiya, from Aleppo.

-Conscript Thabet Sobhi al-Hussein, from Idleb.

-Conscript Bassem Issa Abbas, from Lattakia.

The martyrs’ relatives affirmed that their sons’ blood will make Syria stronger and more capable of facing challenges, and that Syria proved its ability to confront difficult conditions concocted by malicious hands.

They denounced the crimes and armed terrorist groups, warning people not to believe the lies of satellite channels who are accomplices in the shedding of Syrian blood.

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