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U.S. strategy has failed due to deployment of Iranian missiles

Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Monday that the strategy of the United States for dealing with Iran in the country’s southern waters had failed due to the deployment of missiles in the country’s coastal areas.
“Several years ago, the Americans sought to build a warship, and built it to be compatible with the southern waters taking account of Iran’s capabilities, and they announced that it can hit targets up to the depth of 560 kilometers, but when our ballistic and cruise missiles are deployed on the coast and are able to hit targets at a farther distance, it indicates that the Americans’ strategy has failed,” Vahidi stated.

Commenting on the Iranian Navy’s plan to establish a new base in Pasabandar, which is located about 30 kilometers west of the Pakistani port of Gwadar, the defense minister said that the Navy could keep the enemy away from the country’s coasts and prevent it from implementing its strategy through having strong presence in this area.

The commander of the Iranian Navy, Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, said on Sunday that the Navy would establish a presence in the area to better control movements in the region.

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