UK gov’t cuts to social services put kids at risk

302ca66575a936f07acf45527b9c75f9_LA report shows only one in nine British children in need of help from social services is receiving adequate support, as government cuts and a record number of cases have left the services struggling.

According to Press TV, the report released by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) said British social workers assigned to protect children are so overburdened that they are only able to respond to the very worst cases.
Peter Wanless of the NSPCC said, “With record reporting of child abuse, hard-pressed children’s social service departments have little choice but to raise the threshold of where they act.”
Wanless added that raising the threshold “is leaving large group of children with no statutory support.”
According to the report, the number of children in need of support and intervention has grown over the past year as more families are suffering financially.

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