UK prince Cambridge admission angers students


The admission of Britain’s second-in-line to the throne Prince William to Cambridge University has sparked public criticism, with many students saying he has been waived through because of his position.

The Duke of Cambridge plans to take a customized course in agricultural management at the prestigious university as a full-time student.

Cambridge students, however, believe giving “free pass” to William is an “insult” to those who worked hard to get there, saying the prince is not clever enough to study at their university.

Angry students say the British prince lacks the proper credentials to take courses at Cambridge as he graduated from secondary school with As, Bs and Cs.

Will Heilpern, a writer on the university’s paper The Tab, said Prince William’s record was “mediocre” while normally students need A*AA at A-level to gain entry to Cambridge University.”

“Conveniently though for Will, he is the registered benefactor of the department he will be studying at,” he added.

Tim Squirrell, a natural sciences student, also wrote in The Tab that he feared the public would “assume that he’s been let in simply because he’s posh and rich.”

William will attend classes for ten weeks, but many consider his acceptance as a shame for Cambridge, which is one of the two most elite universities in the country.

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