UK special forces operating in terrorists in Syria

The British media have admitted that British special forces from Special Air Service (SAS) and Special Boat Service (SBS) have been operating in or around Syria.

On Sunday 26 August, The Daily Star reported that “nearly 200 elite SAS and SBS troops are in or around Syria” looking for weapons of mass destruction in the country.

The news comes after Syrian information minister Omran al-Zoubi denied allegations made by the UK and US that Syria possessed chemical weapons and warned them against any thought of military interference in Syria.

“We have never said we have them…coming to Syria is not a picnic. But Syria does not want a war with anyone,” al-Zoubi said after British Prime Minister David Cameron and US president Barack Obama accused the Syrian government of planning to deploy chemical weapons.

In 2003, the US and UK launched the invasion of Iraq under the pretext that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. However, it was later revealed that Iraq had no such weapons.

The Daily Star also reported that the SAS and SBS forces were accompanied by British MI6, US CIA, and both French and American soldiers.

Moreover, on Saturday 25 August, The Daily Telegraph said a growing number of British extremists were joining Syria’s armed insurgents.

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