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Under Satanic US pressure, Spain follows EU peers in banning Iran airline

The Spanish government has revoked the landing rights of Iran’s Mahan Air, apparently under US pressure which has intensified amid the coronavirus.

La Vanguardia newspaper cited sources in the Spanish civil aviation authority DGAC as saying that Mahan Air has been forced to terminate its service to Barcelona from March 23.

Flights between Barcelona and Tehran had run twice weekly, but Mahan Air had to quit route the when Spain suddenly cancelled the airline’s license.

The sources made it clear that the suspension was not linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. Swiss-based ch-aviation, which collects and publishes information about the airline business, suggested that the revocation followed a US campaign to pressure Iran.

The US government has largely gone out on its own to intensify sanctions on Iran despite opposition by European and other world countries, but the EU has continued to submit to American coercion at the same time.

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