URGENT: Two Most-Wanted Terrorists Killed in Hama



Two senior field commanders of Jabhat al-Shamiyya (The Levant Front) terrorist group, who were in the Syria army’s list of most wanted terrorists, were killed in military operations in the Syrian province of Hama.

The Syrian army killed the senior field commanders of Jabhat al-Shamiyya (The Levant Front), Ahmed Mohamed Nasrullah and Firas Darwish Gyari, in the vicinity of Tel Othman in Hama province.

The terrorists’ aides were also killed in the military operations.

On Tuesday, Syrian fighter jets destroyed fortifications of Jaish al-Fateh in the villages of Latmeen and al-Saiyad in Kafar Zeta area in the Northern countryside of Hama, and killed and wounded a large number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles, which was equipped with machineguns.

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