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US Amb. meets Zelaya at Brazil embassy

Washington Ambassador to coup-hit Honduras Hugo Llorens has met with ousted leader Manuel Zelaya at the Brazilian Embassy in a bid to settle the political crisis in the Central American nation.

“Hugo Llorens came to the embassy and told Zelaya he would travel to the United States for Christmas. Steps to resolve the crisis will follow,” AFP quoted Zelaya’s advisor Rasel Tome as saying on Sunday.

“Efforts are ongoing at the Central American level and in the Dominican Republican for a dialogue in a neutral environment.”

Zelaya, the constitutional president, was removed from power by his own army in a bloodless coup on June 28, and was subsequently sent into exile.

He secretly returned to his country in September and sought refuge at the Brazilian embassy in the capital Tegucigalpa.

Numerous rounds of talks failed to restore Zelaya to serve the remainder of his term and the nation went to polls to elect a new president on November 29, while coup leader Roberto Micheletti served as interim head of state.

Llorens had earlier praised the presidential election but had described it as ‘not enough’.

“It is important to work looking ahead on the implementation of Tegucigalpa-San Jose Agreement, which it also makes a path, together with the elections, to solve this problem and bring the reconciliation of the Honduran people,” Llorens told the press, Xinhua reported.

Initially Washington was in favor of Zelaya’s reinstatement before the November vote. However, US support for the ousted leader cooled down with the White House insisting that Zelaya’s restitution is an internal matter.

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