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US and Israel will ‘soon plunge into the vortex of Islamic resistance’: Quds Force commander

The assistant commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran, Brigadier General Muhammad Reza Falahzadeh, said that America and the Zionist entity will soon be plunged into the cycle of resistance, he said.

Falahzadeh said in his speech on Friday evening, which was reported by the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) and conducted during a ceremony held in Qom on the occasion of the first anniversary of the assassination of the Quds Force commander, Major General Qassem Soleimani:

“We are the heirs of all the oppressed people of history, and we will never abandon the approach of pride and independence, and America and the Zionist entity will soon be plunged into the cycle of Islamic resistance.”

Falahzadeh considered that “the ability of the resistance front is today at its peak throughout the region and has defeated America, the Zionists and the Wahhabis.”

He added, “When many assumed that Syria and Iraq had fallen, commander Soleimani initiated an order from the leader of the Islamic revolution to eliminate ISIS.”

Earlier on Friday, the Iranian mission to the United Nations said that the US has increased its movements in the Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman over the past few days, and that it is carrying out provocative military operations.

They assured a mission in their message that: “American movements in the Gulf and the Sea of ​​Oman have increased in recent days, and that Washington has sent advanced military equipment and is carrying out provocative military actions in the Gulf.”

In its letter to the UN Security Council, the Iranian mission described what it called  “provocations” by the United States by sending strategic bombers to the region, which they said could lead to a dangerous escalation.

Earlier, the US Army Central Command published pictures showing the flight of its B-52 bombers, accompanied by Saudi fighter jets, that flew over the skies of the Arab Gulf region for hours as part of a show of force, before returning again to American territory.

The New York Time reported that the bombers flew over the Persian Gulf aim to “deter Iran and its proxies from carrying out attacks against American forces in the Middle East.”

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