Latin America

US backed Venezuelan opposition meets UNASUR without government


Venezuelan opposition leaders have met representatives of the Union of South American States or Unasur as part of efforts to resume peace talks with the government.

Designation of an impartial committee to investigate violent clashes, removal of heads in public branches, release of political prisoners, and participation of students in peace talks, were the conditions set by the opposition in a document given to Unasur. The diplomats are expected to hand the document to the government.

Just a few days ago, the opposition claimed the government ignored it demands and caused the suspension of peace talks.

But now, some believe that international mediation can make the government reconsider the opposition’s requests and catch up negotiations.

Although some analysts say that protests broke out because of economic hardships and rampant crimes, socialist claim they are part of a fascist coup.

As both political blocs keep denying each other’s arguments, no one can tell when talks will resume. Venezuelans hope that efforts from Unasur could help bring both sides back to the negotiating table after 3 months of political tensions and unrest.

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