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US capitalism global scourge of poverty, war: Analyst

US capitalism global scourge of poverty, war

The US capitalist regime and its militarism are to blame for the impoverishment of Americans, an analyst writes in a column for the Press TV website.

“War and poverty are endemic to American capitalism. The system is sustained – but not sustainable – only by the massive and relentless subvention of tax dollars into obscene militarism,” Finian Cunningham wrote on Tuesday.

He was reacting to the recent rare compromise between House Republicans and Democrats on the federal budget plan, saying the agreement “is a shocking reminder of the monstrous priorities for the American ruling class.”

He warned of “poverty, hunger, sickness and homelessness for millions more ordinary Americans” as the US militarism “stalks the globe like a demented Leviathan, casting a shadow of war and destruction into every corner.”

“American-dominated capitalism is a global scourge of poverty and war. It is much less American dream and much more humankind’s nightmare,” wrote Cunningham.

He said the US is spending 63 percent of its annual USD 1 trillion budget on “war and killing.”

“To give this some perspective, the US spends ten times more on weapons and the means of destroying and killing other human beings than it does on educating its entire nation,” noted Cunningham.

He said Washington has established more than “1,000 military bases around the world” and moves ahead with its “never-ending assassination drones that end up killing more civilians than “terrorists” in remote, barren countries.”

“The only way to break this death spiral is for the American people to realize once and for all that their bankrupt economic system, known as capitalism, and the two-party political minions who shore it up on behalf of their corporate masters – all of that needs to be trashed and replaced – by a real democracy. US capitalism is not just the scourge of the world; it is the scourge of Americans too,” wrote Cunningham.

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