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US condemnation of anti-Israel UN resolution hypocrite: Analyst



The United States uses the United Nations to legitimize its wars of aggression but dismisses its resolutions when they are passed against its close ally Israel, says Scott Bennet, a US counter-terrorism analyst.

Bennet, a former US army psychological warfare officer, made the remarks in a phone interview with Press TV on Thursday, after Washington condemned a UN Human Rights Council resolution for urging a database of companies running businesses in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank.

The Geneva-based UN council adopted the motion last week with 32 votes in favor, none against and 15, mostly European nations, abstaining.

The move came less than six months after the European Union published new guidelines for labeling products made in Israeli settlements that are illegal under international law as they have been built on seized territory.

US State Department spokesman John Kirby on Wednesday criticized the measure, saying, “We continue to unequivocally oppose the very existence of that agenda item and therefore any resolutions … that come from it,” accusing the UN body of “bias against Israel.”

Bennet said Washington’s condemnation is “an obscene demonstration of course of the pot calling the kettle black.”

“And it should be condemned by the United Nations, and it should be brought up and formally discussed, because this has been of course an ongoing point of friction for the past fifty years or so, that really started in the late 1950’s with the UN resolution that originally recognized the Israeli illegal occupation and settlements on the land that were acquired, and it [Israel] never moved [never obeyed the UN resolution] or recognized the United Nations’ position nor had the United States,” he stated.

“So the United States is basically stating that when we want to use the UN for our own purposes, when we want to use the UN for invading Iraq,  when we want to use the UN for invading Iraq in the 1991 [Persian] Gulf war as well in the second [Iraq] Gulf war in 2003, as well as Afghanistan, then the United Nations has purpose, but the moment any of the UN nations collectively make any sort of statement or policy or attitude adjustment regarding the illegal abuse of Palestinians or the further development of Israeli settlements on land which has already been ordered to be stopped, then the United States abandons the UN authority, and does not recognize it, and considers it [the UN] a bunch of ‘monkeys’ without any purpose, and not worthy of respect from the ‘all anointed wisdom of the United States,’”   he noted.

“So I think it’s complete hypocrisy, and of course it needs to be examined and condemned by the rest of the body’s [UN members],” the analyst emphasized.

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