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“US confiscation of masks and gloves is a result of western, liberal culture”

On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of the Imam of the Age (may Allah hasten his reappearance), Imam Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed Imam addressed the nation in a live TV broadcast today - April 9, 2020.

The following is the excerpt of the statements his eminence made at this meeting: 

“There are probably few eras in the history of mankind where the whole of mankind has felt the need for a savior as much as they do today, whether consciously or subconsciously. This is the feeling of a need for a savior, a powerful divine guide.”

“Today, after experiencing various ideologies from communism to pretentious, western, liberal democracy, mankind does not feel at peace. Mankind is not happy. Few eras in the history of mankind have witnessed such a strong desire for the sublime truth, for a Savior.”

“Today, mankind is afflicted with poverty, disease, injustice, and wide class divisions. And, mankind witnesses the abuse of science, discoveries and nature by world powers. These have led to mankind’s exhaustion and frustration and their desire for a savior, a redeeming hand.”

“Human beings’ wisdom is a great blessing, which can solve many problems but not all of them. For example, today science is serving injustice and warmongering in the world. There is a need for a spiritual and divine power, the powerful hand of the Infallible Imam.”

“All religions have promised the coming of a Savior. In Islam, people have been told to await the Savior. Awaiting does not mean sitting idly; awaiting means having hope and preparing. It means taking actions.”

“Another part of my speech concerns Coronavirus. The Coronavirus outbreak is a test for all the world, both for governments and for nations. The Iranian nation shone brightly in this test, and at the peak of this national pride are the health professionals.”

“Health professionals are risking their lives to serve the people. This is very important and great. Tolerating being away from their families during the Nowruz holidays, sleepless hours and the mental pressures they have endured are all a source of pride for Iran’s medical community.”

“Besides the health professionals, volunteers, university students and Basij forces have entered the battlefield against Coronavirus and their services are indescribable. Employing the administrative and scientific abilities of the Army and the IRGC in this battle are also sources of pride.”

“People’s participation in the fight against Coronavvirus was truly amazing: 1) people feeding the needy; 2) turning houses into workshops to sew masks; 3) disinfecting public areas; 4) talking to landlords and shop owners to exempt people from their rents; and tens of other measures.”

“All of this participation in the fight against Coronavirus are signs of the roots of Islamic culture in people of Iran. In contrast, Western civilization showed its outcome too, one of the most appalling of which is the US and some European countries’ confiscation of other nations’ masks and gloves.”

“Confiscating other nations’ masks, emptying shops, fighting over toilet paper and long lines for buying guns during the Coronavirus outbreak are the logical and natural outcome of the philosophy that governs western civilization. Or, for example, in some western countries, they have said that the elderly, the disabled and people with major problems are not a priority to receive medical care. All of this is a result and product of the dominance of western culture, which is based on materialism and atheism.”

“A few days ago, a western official said that with the Corona outbreak we are witnessing rule by the wild west. Some were surprised when we said that western civilization has a savage spirit that comes together with a perfumed, smart appearance. Now they’re confessing to this.”

“Corona is a major, dangerous problem for mankind; but, it is not bigger than problems the Iranian nation has endured. During the war, Saddam—with help from western governments—dropped chemical bombs on the Iranian nation, killing thousands, injuring hundreds of thousands.” 

“Corona is a major problem for mankind. But we won’t forget that in Vietnam, Iraq, etc. hundreds of thousands of ppl were killed by the US. Even now, millions suffer from the tyranny of the US and its allies in Yemen, Palestine, etc. Mankind has worse problems than Corona.”

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