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US deadly drone war benefits Israel, Wall Street


A political activist says Washington’s assassination drone program is of no benefit to American people but benefits “Israel, Wall Street and military corporations.”

The comment comes as a group of US activists plan to launch a series of protests in April to generate a public uprising across the country against the government’s deadly drone policy.

The planned protests, dubbed April Days of Action, will begin on April 3 with a rally in New York and will spread nationwide, the website of the British newspaper Guardian reported on Wednesday.

Anti-drones activists plan to stage protest rallies near military bases, universities, and companies involved in President Barack Obama’s policy of targeted killings.

Press TV has conducted an interview with activist and political commentator, Caleb Maupin, in New York to further talk over the issue. The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Sir, thanks a lot for joining us. Now how significant do you think this April Days of Action will be vis-a-vie the debate on drones?

Maupin: I think it will be very significant because it really represents the sentiments that are felt by literally millions of people not just around the world but in the United States.

One particular action that is going to take place is against Teknion and Teknion is a company that is partnering with Cornell University in New York City and they are going to be setting up a drone’s research facility in which they will be doing military research for the Israeli regime about creating drones and in order to do that they are going to be evicting thousands of disabled people who live on Roosevelt Island in order to create this research facility.

So it really shows how, you know, the people of the United States this drone program isn’t about benefitting them, it’s about benefitting Israel and the military corporations and it results in hospitals being closed and schools being closed down.

There is a lot of outrage among the people of the United States about this drone program. However neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are really seriously taking action to halt this program that it’s causing so much death around the world and so much needless spending in the United States.

Press TV: So do you believe that the American people are finally ready to hold their politicians to account for the use of drones and not only in the US but overseas as well?

Maupin: Oh, absolutely. The people are waking up all over this country homes are being foreclosed; unemployment is skyrocketing; poverty is rising; people are going without food; there is economic crisis but the government continues to spend more and more money on this drones program, it doesn’t help people at all, it just murders people in other countries and there is a real outrage about this and they are seeing that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are doing anything about it.

So there is a real desire to be in the streets, students, labor unions, community groups all want to take action against this drone policy. You are in New York City this Teknion is a particularly gross outrage.

Why because people who are disabled, who are living in hospitals are going to be thrown out so that Israel can make drones and they can have drone research and Cornell University is involved in this. This is an outrage that’s going on.

Anger is building up all across this country against these drone policies which don’t benefit anyone among the working people in the United States, the working people in the world but they benefit Wall Street and the Israeli regime.

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