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US Dissolving FSA-Affiliated Terrorist Groups in Southern Syria


Washington has started dissolving the militant groups affiliated to the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) deployed at a base in Southeastern Homs near the border with Jordan, an Arab media outlet reported on Wednesday.

The Arabic-language al-Hadath news reported that the FSA-affiliated group of Jeish Maqavir al-Thowrah has fired 180 members from the US-established al-Tanf base in Southeastern Homs after paying them $2,000 each.

In the meantime, some sources disclosed that Washington intends to end supporting the FSA and provide back up only for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Analyst believe that heavy defeats the terrorist groups have suffered in battle against the Syrian Army troops and the militant group’s inefficiency to meet the US’ objective have been the main causes behind Washington’s decision to cut cooperation with the anti-Damascus militant groups.

Spokesman for the Maqavir al-Thowrah Abu Athir Khabouri denied dissolution of the FSA-affiliated groups under pressure by Joran and the US, and claimed that the move has been done to get rid of those fighters who violated the group’s rules.

Dissident-affiliated websites reported on Monday that Washington called on terrorist groups to leave al-Tanf base in Southeastern Homs near the border with Jordan and deliver it to the Syrian Army following advances of the pro-government forces in Syria’s Badiyeh (desert) in recent months.

The websites reported that the US Forces Command in al-Tanf base recently declared to the terrorist groups that their mission ended and they had to leave their positions in al-Tanf for other terrorist-held regions in Northern Syria.

The websites said that only the two terrorist groups of Aswad al-Sharqiyeh and Kata’eb Ahmad Abdu in Badiyeh that rejected the US demand for evacuation to Northern Syria, adding that Moscow and Washington agreed on ending the US forces’ presence in Eastern Syria.

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