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US drone gunned down in Afghanistan

Taliban militants claim they have shot down an unmanned US reconnaissance drone in the eastern Afghan city of Jalalabad.

Taliban spokesman Zabihollah Mojahed claimed that the militants gunned down the aircraft late on Saturday.

Witnesses told Press TV that they saw the drone catching fire mid-air and crashing into a civilian house.

Earlier this week, another US drone crashed due to technical problems in eastern Ghazni Province, NATO said in a statement.

The Taliban spokesman had claimed that the militants shot down the unmanned plane.

The Taliban militants say they have shot down several aircraft and NATO choppers in different parts of Afghanistan over the past few months.

The militants have proven resilient despite the presence of around 150,000 US-led forces in Afghanistan.

Taliban have steadily stepped up their attacks on the US-led forces, inflicting heavy casualties and damage on them.

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