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“US drone strikes in Pakistan violate intl.


For the first time the Human Rights Council formally discussed the issue of armed drones in violation of international human rights law as well as the UN Charter. All countries except the US, UK and France condemn the human rights consequences of US drone strikes.
The discussions questioned whether CIA drone attacks in Pakistan are responsible for unlawful killings, some of which may amount to war crimes. For years now Pakistanis have expressed their outrage at the US drone strikes in Pakistan, which they claim cause indiscriminate deaths and injuries. The Pakistan government also continues to express criticism, saying it injects mass hatred in the population, is a violation of sovereignty and fuels terrorism. The unmanned aircraft attack from the sky. The US government adopted this method to kill and target terror suspects. They say the use of drones is vital to defend itself against terrorist threats as drone warfare is successful in the US pursuit of al- Qaeda and the Taliban. This legal expert explains why they are problematic. Although the Pakistan government supports the concerns expressed by the international community on America’s drone campaign, many insiders believe they play a dubious game. They say that while Islamabad publicly condemns drone strikes, it is secretly complicit with the US government.

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