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US elections don’t affect Iran’s policy toward the US

The following is the full text of a speech delivered on November 3, 2020 by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Ummah and Oppressed, via videoconference on the occasion of the birthday anniversaries of the Holy Prophet of Islam and Imam Ja’far Sadiq (greetings be upon them) and which coincides this year with the National Day of Fighting Against Global Arrogance and Unity Week.

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and peace and greetings be upon our Master and Prophet, Ab-al-Qassem Al-Mustafa Muhammad, and upon his pure, immaculate, chosen and infallible household, especially the one remaining with Allah on earth

The auspicious birthday of the Holy Prophet prepared the ground for the greatest event in human history

I wish to congratulate all viewers, all the people of Iran and the entire great Islamic Ummah on the auspicious birthday anniversary of the Holy Prophet and the Great Messenger (God’s greetings be upon him and his household) and the birthday anniversary of Hazrat Imam Ja’far Sadiq (peace and greetings be upon him). This is a great Eid. This holy birthday prepared the ground for the Holy Prophet’s be’that and his be’that has been the greatest historic event for humanity from the beginning to the end. I hope that this Eid will be a joyous occasion for our dear people, the dear Iranian nation, all Muslim nations and the great Islamic Ummah. I hope that it will have many blessings for the human community, God willing.

Today, there are three occasions: one is this auspicious and great birthday anniversary – that of the Holy Prophet and his holy progeny: Hazrat Sadiq (peace and greetings be upon him) – another is Unity Week, which is a very important occasion, and the last is the 13th of Aban which is the day of fighting against arrogance. I will raise a few points about each of these occasions for the dear Iranian nation:

Some Ayahs in the Holy Quran clearly manifest today’s circumstances

There are many ayahs in the Holy Quran about the Holy Prophet (God’s greetings be upon him and his household). Some of these ayahs clearly manifest humanity’s condition in the present time. When one reads these ayahs, one feels as if they had been sent down for today’s humanity. One ayah is from holy Sura al-Bara’at: “Now has come unto you a Messenger from among yourselves: it grieves him that you should perish. Ardently anxious is he over you: to the Believers is he most kind and merciful” [The Holy Quran: 9: 128]. The first two sentences of the ayah are related to the entire humanity. There is another ayah which says, “Oh men, I am sent unto you all, as the Messenger of Allah” [The Holy Quran, 7: 158]. The entire humanity is addressed by the Holy Prophet in this ayah. These two sentences are very important: “It grieves him that you should perish.” He suffers from your pain. The next sentence is: “Ardently anxious is he over you.” He is interested in your fate and he cares about you. This is addressed to all humans.

Today, human society is the manifestation of this address. In other words, these sentences correspond, to a large part, to humanity’s condition in the present time. We could really say that today, humanity is suffering more than ever in history. Well, there is inequality, war, warmongering and excessive materialism. In few historic eras have we witnessed such a strong materialistic orientation among humans. Science and technology are utilized to suppress nations, coupled with the existence of transgression, malice and taghuts.

Arrogance utilizes science and technology to exercise its taghuti power

Well, some of these maladies – including inequality, discrimination, injustice and the existence of taghuts – have always been there in history and they are not particular to the present time, but today, they are utilizing science and technology to exercise this taghuti power. For example, Pharaoh used to say, “Does not the dominion of Egypt belong to me?” [The Holy Quran, 43: 51]. Very well, he could do whatever he wished in the dominion of Egypt. However today, the US, which is like Pharaoh in those days, not satisfied with the country of the United States. He does not say, “Does not the dominion of Egypt belong to me?”, rather he embarks on transgressing against other countries. He wages wars, occupies countries and sets up military bases there. Today, things are like this. What global taghuts do by utilizing human science and technology – resulting in discrimination, inequality and warmongering – is more serious than ever. The Holy Prophet really “grieves him that you should perish.” The blessed soul of the Holy Prophet really suffers from humanity’s pain in the present time. He is anxious for humanity to achieve bliss and he wishes to guide humanity. Like a gentle father, in the true sense of the word, he wants humanity to achieve bliss, to be directed to the straight path and to achieve an end that will be good for it.

The Holy Quran addresses the leaders of the kufar and their followers in a different manner

There is a point in this holy ayah: it exists at the end of Sura al-Bara’at, a sura of war, of expressing one’s hatred of the kufar and of commanding people to fight and the like. However, at the end of the sura, God says, “It grieves him that you should perish.” As we said, this is addressed to the entire humanity. One can derive an important point from this ayah: the ayahs preceding this one do not address ignorant non-Muslims, rather they address the leaders of kufar and the chiefs of arrogance. They address the apparatus of power that has dominated the fate of human societies.

In one ayah, the Holy Quran describes these people as “the imams of kufr”: “fight you the imams of kufr: for their oaths are nothing to them” [The Holy Quran, 9: 12]. In one part of Sura al-Qisas, God describes them as “leaders inviting to the fire”: “And we made them leaders inviting to the fire, and on the Day of Judgment no help shall they find” [28: 41]. They drag the people into hell. In fact, the severity with which the Holy Quran describes the enemies of Islam and of the kufar is related to these orientations. All other people from among the kufar – those who seek and cherish the truth and who do not show hostility – are the addressees of that beautiful and holy ayah: “It grieves him that you should perish.”

Today, the enemy of Islam – the main enemy, those leaders inviting to the fire – is arrogance and Zionism. It is they who are confronting and fighting against Islam with all their power. The last display of this confrontation is the one that unfortunately took place in Paris last week. That indecent show that was performed in Paris is really noteworthy and significant.

The decline of French art and the brazenness of the French government in supporting it

One cartoonist has done a damned thing by insulting the Holy Prophet in the language of cartoons. The issue is not merely that an artist has done a deviant and corrupt act. It is not limited to that, rather there are certain hands behind this incident. What evidence do we have for this? The evidence is that we suddenly find the French President and the French government supporting this act and other governments support them as well. Therefore, it is evident that there is a network behind this issue. The issue is not that French art has declined and that it has fallen into such an abyss, rather the issue is about the policy of a government that is supporting this action – manifested through a politician’s support for it.

You say that a person has been murdered. Very well, you can express your regret and sorrow at the murder of that person, but why do you publish such cartoons in places where everyone can see them and why do you support them? This is a very bitter and indecent incident taking place at a governmental level. The issue is not that a mere artist or cartoonist has committed this act. The previous time that this happened, we also witnessed that governmental and political personalities embarked on defending and supporting it.

The Islamic Ummah’s rage and protests indicate the liveliness of Islamic societies

 Of course, today, the Islamic Ummah is heavy with rage and protest. This indicates the liveliness of Islamic societies. This is a source of satisfaction. In eastern and western parts of the world of Islam, people, officials and many Islamic politicians – of course, on this matter too, some individuals displayed their littleness – and the majority of Muslims defended Islamic identity and the personality of the Holy Prophet of Islam by showing their anger and by protesting. This shows the liveliness of nations. However, there is a lesson in this incident which is noteworthy. This should receive the attention of those who are interested in and who work on political matters in the world. The French government has related the matter to human rights, freedom and the like. This is where the lesson lies.

The French government’s support for the most violent and savage terrorists in the world

What kind of government is the French government? What policy does it have? This policy is the same policy that has offered shelter to the most violent and savage terrorists in the world: the terrorists who martyred a president in our country and his prime minister. They martyred the head of the judiciary branch, many members of parliament and executive and judiciary officials. According to the figures that are available, they also martyred about 17,000 ordinary people on the streets and in the bazaars. They are not ordinary terrorists and they have sought shelter in France and Paris. That is while the French claim to be supporting human rights and freedom!

The same government offered the most help to a bloodthirsty wolf, namely Saddam. Of course, we cannot say that it offered more support than other governments, it was one of the main supporters of Saddam in that war. It provided that bloodthirsty wolf with advanced planes and advanced equipment and they were not ashamed of doing it as they have acknowledged it. This is related to their behavior towards terrorists and the like, but you have also witnessed how they treated their people during the Saturday [Yellow Vests] demonstrations held last year. That is while they claim to be interested in freedom, human rights and other such values!

Defending cultural savagery and supporting munafiqeen and Saddam: the two sides of the same coin

I believe that these are the two sides of the same coin: in others words, defending that act of cultural savagery and the criminal action taken by a cartoonist is one side of the coin and the other is defending and helping the munifeqeen and Saddam. These are the two sides of the same coin.

Well, such courses of action have been repeatedly adopted in European countries and in the US. The incidents related to insulting the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet have frequently occurred in western countries – in both the US and European countries – but such incidents cannot damage the honor, magnificence and greatness of the Holy Prophet of Islam in the slightest manner. It is completely clear that the enlightened personality of the Messenger of Mercy cannot be damaged with these actions. By Allah’s favor, this sun shines more brightly on a daily basis. Just as the thugs in Makkah and Taif could not erase the name of the Holy Prophet of Islam, despites all the efforts that they made, these excellencies will not be able to damage the Holy Prophet either.

Modern ignorance and the savage western civilization

However, one can understand a point from this incident: that these courses of action show the dark nature of the western civilization. It indicates that that civilization and culture and that modern jahiliah [ignorance] is really dark and wild in its nature and in its reality. Of course, they are hiding this savagery. That is because they are equipped with science and technology. They cover their savagery up with science and technology and they hide it this way. They appear in public by uttering civilized words, with a humanistic appearance and by wearing ties and perfume, thus covering up their inner savagery. So, Islam and the Holy Prophet are not harmed this way, but this is a means so that you and I can gain a deeper understanding of that civilization. That civilization is really a wild civilization. It has also created a disastrous situation for its nations. In the present time, even after the passage of several centuries from the beginning of that civilization during the Renaissance, you can witness inequality, poverty, injustice and moral decadence in European countries, in the US and in those countries which follow them. This is the nature of that civilization and culture. This was about the first issue.

Imam’s great initiative in naming Unity Week

As for Unity Week, today, more than ever, the importance of Imam’s initiative has become clear. The day when our magnanimous Imam announced Unity Week and the day when he announced the unity of Islamic denominations in their general, political and social orientations, many real addressees of the message could not understand its significance. Many officials in Islamic countries did not understand how important the message was. Many did not understand it and many defied it. In other words, they tended to ignore it because of their various ulterior motives. However, today we understand how important the message was.

The events that have taken place today, the various differences that exist among Islamic countries and the horrible incidents that have taken place in some regional countries – including in Syria, in Iraq and at a certain point in time, in Libya, in Yemen and in Afghanistan – help us understand how important the unity of the world of Islam was and how precious the solidarity of the Islamic Ummah was, as announced and demanded by Imam. If that unity had existed, many of these incidents would not have occurred.

The treacherous move to normalize the relations with the Zionists is one of the outcomes of discord in the world of Islam

What exists in the world of Islam today, particularly in a certain part of it – in the region – is really disastrous. They undermine the issue of Palestine. They have made the treacherous and despicable move to normalize the relations with the Zionists. All these are the outcomes of lack of unity in the world of Islam. For the sake of appearances and based on corrupt and false motives, such an indecent act was committed which culminated in the violation of the Palestinian nation’s rights at the hands of certain people.

Of course, the Palestinian cause cannot end and they are too small to be able to put an end to this matter. The Palestinian cause will continue to thrive, Palestine will become Palestine and the Zionist regime will be destroyed. There is no doubt about this. However, they are creating obstacles on the way of this cause within the scope of their capabilities. One of the things that they have done is to establish relations with that murderous and criminal usurper, the Zionist regime. These terms truly describe the Zionist regime: it has usurped Palestinian lands and it has murdered people. Just look how many Palestinians they have killed and what crimes they have committed. And they were happy at and proud of it and they fabricated reasons for it: “they justified it with ridiculous reasons”. [Speaking in Arabic]

The enemy perfectly understands the significance of unity among Islamic denomination and hence, it hatches plots to prevent it

What I want to say is that many Muslim governments and many true addressees of the message did not unfortunately grasp the significance of Imam’s initiative, but the enemy did. He understood how important our late Imam’s recommendation to create unity among Islamic denominations in their general orientations – not in their beliefs as everyone has their own beliefs and opinions – was for the Islamic Ummah. The enemy understood that unity would undermine his influence in Islamic countries. Because he understood it, he began to devise schemes against it. The enemy implemented plans of action to confront our magnanimous Imam’s message of unity. For example, he established centers to produce anti-unity thought. We speak of bringing Islamic denominations close to one another. However, they established certain centers and hired some mercenaries to produce thoughts and ideas against the idea of bringing Islamic denominations close to one another. They demanded that the mercenaries do something to foil Imam’s great policy, and magnificent and divine measure: centers to produce thoughts.

Another thing that they did was to create takfiri groups. It was the enemies of Islam who created that lethal group called “DAESH”. The Americans have acknowledged this. Of course, we had reliable information, but if we had spoken about it, it might have been doubted. However, the Americans themselves acknowledged it. Certain individuals in the administration that had created DAESH acknowledged it and also in the subsequent administration, the person who is now in charge [Donald Trump] explicitly said that it was they who created and who supported DAESH. They ordered their mercenaries in the region – the governments that follow their orders – to pay DAESH money and they bought weapons for them as well as giving them all kinds of equipment and ammunitions. This is one of the things that they did.

Therefore, they created centers for producing thoughts, they created terrorist orientations and they did something to involve the elements who were not well-informed or who did not want to enter into this game. They made them angry and they provoked them into insulting one another. For example, you witness that in such and such a neighboring country, someone takes the minbar and begins to insult the holy beliefs of another denomination and after he steps down the minbar, he goes and seeks asylum in an English embassy. This is what has happened, which is a recent development. There are many such examples. They provoke certain individuals to enrage people and audiences and to pit them against one another. Well, they have explicitly said that they had done these things. However, what I want to say is that those regional governments who have undertaken the effort to provide financial support to these groups are more to blame than the individuals who have joined such groups. In other words, those who leave home from such and such a part of the world of Islam – based on their religious zeal and ignorance – to join such terrorist groups are less to blame than the chief, politician and king who pays and organizes them and who provides them with weapons. Of course, the main crime has been committed by the Americans. This is really the case.

The US and Saudi Arabia are the main culprits on the issue of takfiri groups

On the issue of takfiri orientations, the main crime was committed by the Americans as well as by the Saudis who followed them. The Saudis  paid them money and they helped and supported them. The Americans committed another crime as well: they sent their army to Muslim countries with the excuse of the presence of such terrorist groups. They sent their forces to Afghanistan, to Syria and to other countries. As for other countries such as Iraq, they have been thinking about sending their forces, but the Iraqi youth and the Iraqi believers will not allow them to do so. Their legitimate zeal and enthusiasm will prevent the Americans from exerting their influence, God willing, but they have this plan anyway and they are after infiltrating these countries. Of course, wherever they set foot in, they caused insecurity and destruction. They have really destroyed the infrastructures of these countries, they have caused insecurity, they have waged domestic wars and they have done something to occupy the minds of governments with these thoughts so that they will not be able to carry out their main duties. They have really destroyed crops and cattle: “His aim everywhere is to destroy crops and cattle” [The Holy Quran, 2: 205]. The ayah is about these people in the true sense of the word and they have really done these things.

The cure for the issue of Palestine and the disastrous war in Yemen is to create unity among the Islamic Ummah

In my opinion, Unity Week is very important and unity is a cure for many maladies of the Islamic Ummah. In the present time, the disastrous war in Yemen – during which that oppressed nation has been subject to bombardments on the streets, in the markets, in their houses, at school and in public ceremonies for five years! This is not a minor incident, rather it is a very grave one. The Saudis are really acting in a very cruel manner on this matter. On the issue of Palestine too, a few weak and humiliated governments defied the world of Islam and the Islamic Ummah by ignoring the Palestinian cause and by establishing relations with the usurper and murderer. Undoubtedly, all these maladies will be cured with the unity of the Islamic Ummah and the problems that Islamic governments and nations are suffering from – wherever you look, there are many problems: from Kashmir to Libya – will be eliminated thanks to the Muslims’ unity. These statements were about Unity Week.

The rationality of confronting the arrogant US regime

As for the issue of the 13th of Aban, it is interesting that this year’s 13th of Aban – the day of fighting against arrogance – has coincided with the birthday anniversary of the Holy Prophet. This reminds us of the holy ayah “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah and those who are with him are strong against kufar, compassionate amongst each other” [The Holy Quran, 48: 29]. On the one hand, there is a birthday and on the other hand, there is this “strong against kufar”. The movement that our youth launched was a great movement. The 13th of Aban is the manifestation of the Iranian nation’s fight against arrogance. It was not the case that they had problems with a few people residing in an embassy, rather the issue was an important symbolic endeavor in fighting against arrogance: a move that was duly carried out. Well, the American regime is an arrogant regime and an arrogant regime is a collection of many detriments, mischiefs and evil things. An arrogant regime is warmongering, terrorist and also a cultivator of terrorists. It is interfering, corrupt and monopolistic. When we speak of an arrogant regime, arrogance contains all these ugly notions, evil things and mischiefs. Therefore, fighting against such arrogance and such a phenomenon is synonymous with rationality. Some people claim that this was against reason and acumen, but it was not against reason, rather it was the manifestation of rationality. It would be irrational to surrender and to give in to that regime.

The US was the side which began the fight

And we were not the ones who started the fight. It was not the case that we began the confrontation. In the Holy Quran too, there is an ayah in this regard: “(They) took aggression by being the first to assault you? [9: 13]. They were the ones to start the fight. We did not attack the embassy just after the Revolution. In the beginning of the Revolution, the US Embassy was busy working, but they began to move against the Revolution by issuing resolutions and delivering speeches in the Congress against the newly-born Islamic Republic. They also created terrorist and seditionist groups and they devised schemes against us. Inside the Embassy too – which was correctly called “The Den of Espionage” – they created a big espionage network. So, it was they who began the fight. The students’ movement and attack on the Embassy was in fact a defensive move which was made in a timely, correct and completely reasonable fashion.

The wrong notion that some individuals have about surrendering to the US

And I wish to add that the notion that some people have about the US government and regime is a wrong notion. They think if a government surrenders to that regime, it will benefit from it, but this is not the case. In the case of those governments that have relations with the US and that are in better conditions, the reason is that they have not surrendered to it. Of course, they will receive blows in accordance with the size of their relations with the US. Those governments which gave in to the US, which accepted its policies and which surrendered to its bullying have received blows. An example in this regard is Camp David. The backwardness that they suffered because of it will last 30, 40 years. Another example is the Pahlavi regime in our own country. They really made the country lag behind because of their surrender to US policies. With the passage of every day, such regimes will become more and more dependent and will face more problems.

The Islamic Republic’s well-calculated and unwavering policy in the face of the US

Regarding the US, our policy has been a calculated and transparent policy, one that will not change with the arrival of different individuals. Today is the US [presidential] elections. Some people keep talking about who should and should not come. They speak about the consequences of each candidate winning. Well, certain things might happen, but they will not be of any concern to us as they will not influence our policy in any way because our policy is a calculated and transparent policy, one that will not be affected with the arrival of individuals.

However, if you look at their own condition, you will find them in a spectacular condition! The President who currently holds office and who is organizing the elections says that this is one of the most fraudulent elections in US history. Who says this? This is being claimed by a person who is president himself and who is actually holding and administering the elections! The other candidate says in return that Trump intends to rig the elections on a large scale. This is American democracy! They themselves are saying these things about their elections. This is an example of the ugly reality of liberal democracy inside the US. Well, no matter which one will be elected –  it will become clear which one will be the winner – there is a completely clear point which is the political, civil and moral decline of the American regime. This will not change with the arrival of either of them.

The political, civil and moral decline of the US regime

The American regime is truly and severely suffering from a political, civil and moral decline and this is not mere analysis. What I am saying here is not merely an analysis, rather this is being acknowledged by themselves. This is being said by their spokespeople, writers and thinkers inside the US. It is they who are saying this. They have written several books, published with a large circulation, bringing certain truths to light. I have read one of these books translated in Farsi. The book is filled with the proofs of this decline. If someone really reads the book, they see that from start to finish, the book speaks of the political decline of the US with the moves made by the current US President. Such an empire will not last long like this. It is evident that when one political system and regime reaches this point, it will not last long and it will be annihilated. Of course, if some of them hold office, they will destroy it sooner than the others and there are some who make it last a little while longer should they hold office, but in any case, this is the truth of the matter.

Strengthening the country is the only way to eliminate the enmities

Their enmity towards us exists because we did not recognize their oppressive domination. Because we did not give in to their demands and their policies in the region, because we rejected their policy on Palestine and because we refused to accept their oppressive policies, they show us enmity and this enmity continues in the present time. The only way to eliminate this enmity is to make them lose hope. In other words, the Iranian nation, the Iranian government and the Islamic Republic should reach a point where the other side will lose all its hopes of delivering a serious blow to us. We should become strong. I have said this many times to our dear nation and to officials in various public and private meetings. We should strengthen our means of power – real, not fake, power. The nation and the country should become strong. If this happens, the enemy will be hopeless. The people have really stood firm by enduring the existing problems and they have shown steadfastness.

Officials should have more movement in the areas of economy, security and culture

In my opinion, officials should have more movement in three areas: one is in the area of the economy, another is in the area of security and the last is in the area of culture. We officials should increase our efforts in these three areas. In the area of the economy, the right attitude is to avoid pinning our hopes on the outside. This does not mean that we should cut off our relations. Whenever I say that we should seek the cure inside the country, some people go and write online that the Leadership believes in cutting off relations with the outside, but this is not what I say. Relations should be kept in place. The important thing is that we not ask others and foreigners to give us the cure because the cure exists in us and in the country, an important element of which is increasing production. I have stressed this matter many times. There should be a planned and organized effort in the area of the economy

Economic problems will be resolved if organizations move in harmony

Many of our current problems have nothing to do with sanctions and the like. These problems are related to our own performance and to lack of harmony. The recent high prices cannot really be justified. Many of the recent exorbitant prices are unjustifiable. They should and can be cured. Officials should resolve this problem with harmony. When one looks, one sees that the price of products ranging from red meat, chicken and tomatoes to diapers has gone up. Well, there is no reason behind the recent prices. And there are enough products in the country. The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, market regulators, Basij and the other organizations in charge such as customs and others should cooperate with one another to eliminate this problem for the people. All these issues are controllable. Therefore, with coordinated management on the part of these organizations, these problems can be resolved. 

The importance of ensuring security inside and outside the country

As for security, the main point is foreign security as the country should be equipped with defensive equipment such as missiles, drones, planes and the like and they are busy building them. Such equipment guarantees the foreign security of the country. In other words, they protect the country against the enemy’s greed. We should not think that all problems can be resolved by building missiles. There are some problems that have nothing to do with missiles, but there are also many problems that are related to these defensive tools.

As for domestic security, our security organizations should be wary of the enemy’s infiltration. The main point is enemy infiltration: his infiltration into different organizations for the sake of tempting individuals. This is the main problem. They should do something to resolve this problem.

The necessity to make intelligent efforts in the area of cultural work

The same is true of culture. The officials of cultural affairs should make intelligent efforts. Sometimes, the volume of our cultural work is really large, but such activities should be done in an intelligent manner. In other words, we should know what we need in every area and what cultural work we should do and then we should implement it. In my opinion, if these things are done, the issues related to the economy, security and culture are three main issues that could be resolved with acumen, harmony and persistence. Well, officials are thankfully busy working. They should work a little more seriously so that the task will be accomplished.

Armenia has to evacuate the territories belonging to Azerbaijan and the safety of Armenians living in those areas has to be ensured

The last point is about the war that is unfortunately ongoing in our vicinity – between two of our neighboring countries: Azerbaijan and Armenia. This war is a bitter incident as it threatens the security of the region and it is not good for our country either. It should come to an end as soon as possible. Of course, all lands belonging to Azerbaijan and occupied by Armenia should be freed and evacuated. All of them should be given back to Azerbaijan. This is one of the main conditions because those territories belong to Azerbaijan and therefore, the Republic of Azerbaijan is entitled to liberate them and they should be liberated. Of course, the safety of the Armenians living in those areas should be ensured and international borders should be respected as well. The two sides should not transgress against other countries’ borders. In other words, international borders should be respected and terrorists should not be allowed to be located near our borders. According to certain reports – although some people deny it, there are reliable reports confirming this – a number of terrorists have become involved in this and that border. If they are located near the borders and if we feel in danger, we will certainly confront them. They should not be allowed to come.

I hope that all Muslim nations, all regional nations and all humans throughout the world will get rid of these maladies, God willing. I hope that by the blessedness of this great birthday anniversary, of the immaculate souls of the Holy Prophet of Islam and Imam Sadiq (greetings be upon them) and of the pure soul of our magnanimous Imam, the dear Iranian nation will experience good days in the future. We are completely optimistic about this near future.

Greetings be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings

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