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US Embassy in Beirut Donates Poisonous Vaccine to Lebanese People: Report

While CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has been advising the Americans to receive Pfizer and AstraZeneca anti-coronavius vaccines, the US ambassador to Beirut, Dorothy Shea, has been donating 360,000 shots of Johnson & Johnson vaccine which was castigated by the national public health agency of the United States as a cause of blood clots.

What is remarkable in this story is that the US did not offer Lebanon any help in its fight against the coronavirus along with the advent of the pandemic when the Lebanese were in need of any related aid, especially in the field of securing the vaccine shots.

However, Lebanon is nowadays capable of securing the needed anti-coronavius vaccines in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

Moreover, the US administration has imposed a strict economic siege which led Lebanon to an unprecedented inflation crisis, pushing most the Lebanese down under the verge of poverty.

Besieging Lebanon economically and offering the Lebanese an anti-coronavirus vaccine that is rejected in Washington is a mere rudeness condemned by the Lebanese social media users via the hashtag, #US_Deadly_Vaccine.

Source: Al-Manar English Website

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