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US F-35 jets unable to escape radars: Aviation Week


US warplanes, under the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, are incapable of escaping Russian and Chinese radars, a report says.

“The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter… is not, in fact, stealthy in the eyes of a growing number of Russian and Chinese radars,” the Aviation Week recently reported.

The report said the F-35 is not even effective in “jamming enemy radar.”

The US Department of Defense is spending “hundreds of billions of dollars” for a “fighter that will need the help of specialized jamming aircraft,” the Aviation Week stated in its report.

It said Russian armed forces have been equipped with a “highly counter-stealth radar system” – unveiled at an air show near Moscow in August 2013 – that is able to “track small targets.”

Production of the F-35 military aircraft has faced technical issues, cost overruns and delays.

Some experts say flaws in the F-35 fuel tank and fueldraulic systems have left it even more vulnerable to lightning strikes and other fire sources including enemy fire.

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