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US losing game to Russia in Ukraine


The United States is losing the game to Russia in Ukraine due to its miscalculated attempts at ousting the government in Kiev, an analyst writes in a column for the Press TV website.

“The problem with Washington’s plot to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine and install its minions is twofold,” Paul Craig Roberts wrote in a column on Sunday.

That “the chosen US puppets” have lost control of the protests to Nazism-linked armed radical elements is one of the problems, he said, adding that the other is the fact that “Russia regards an EU/NATO takeover of Ukraine as a strategic threat to Russian independence.”

“If the democratically elected Ukraine government is overthrown, the eastern and southern parts would rejoin Russia,” wrote Roberts.

He added that Western banks and corporations will then loot the western part and Russian missiles will target the NATO bases in Ukraine.

“It would be a defeat for Washington and their gullible Ukrainian dupes to see half of the country return to Russia,” the analyst wrote.

Roberts said Washington has ignored the fact that Ukraine’s “financially viable part” is dominated by the Russian culture.

He noted that Washington may have to “provoke a great power confrontation” in a last-ditch attempt to save face.

Ukraine has been rocked by anti-government protests since Yanukovych refrained from signing an Association Agreement with the EU on November 29, 2013, in favor of closer ties with Russia.

Ukraine’s newly-elected parliamentary speaker Oleksandr Turchyno announced on Sunday that lawmakers must form a national unity government in the Eastern European country by Tuesday.

President Viktor Yanukovych has reportedly departed from Kiev, but his whereabouts and legitimacy are still unclear.

Yanukovych said on Saturday that he had been forced to leave Kiev because of “vandalism, crime and a coup.”

“I don’t plan to leave the country. I don’t plan to resign. I am the legitimate president,” he stressed.

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