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US lying to public on domestic and foreign issues: Analyst

US lying to public on domestic and foreign issues

The government of the United States has been lying to public on every domestic and foreign issue, an analyst writes in a column for the Press TV website.

“I cannot think of one thing in the entire areas of foreign and domestic policy that the US government has told the truth about in the 21st century,” Paul Craig Roberts wrote on Sunday.

On foreign policy, he said, the US lied to public about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 2003, Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and chemical attacks in Syria.

“The jobs numbers are fraudulent, the unemployment rate is deceptive, the inflation measures are understated, and the GDP growth rate is overstated,” wrote Roberts, adding, “Americans live in a matrix of total lies.”

The analyst said the American public has no option but to “accept the serfdom imposed on them or take to the streets and stay in the streets.”

“In America, nothing is done for the public. But everything is done to the public,” wrote Roberts.

He also said the US is shifting from “a land of opportunity” to “an aristocratic economy in which income and wealth are concentrated at the very top.”

Roberts further envisioned the depreciation of the US dollar due to money supply growth. “When that occurs, the import-dependent American population will suffer a traumatic drop in living standards. The main cost of the bank bailout has yet to hit.”

He said the US “will have a third world work force in 20 years.”

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