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US playing double game on Syria: Barrett


Press TV has conducted an interview with Kevin Barrett, from American Freedom Radio, in Madison, to shed more light on the new developments regarding Syria.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Dr. Barrett, your take on this? Exactly what does it all mean? Is it once again that war or attacks by the United States is back on the table or… Expand on it. In your perspective, what does it mean?

Barrett: Well, [US Secretary of State] John Kerry says, ‘All options are on the table; we may just bomb you’ to pretty much everybody he meets; every other day we hear Kerry quoted as saying that, but let’s look a little closer at what these chemical weapons issue is really all about.

The agreement by the Syrians to get rid of the chemical weapons came in August as a result of what we now know was a false flag chemical weapons incident, staged in al-Ghouta. We know now for virtual certainty that this was not an attack by the government of Syria, as we were told; it was an attack by the opposition, the rebels, presumably orchestrated by Bandar Bin Sultan, the head of Saudi intelligence, in collaboration with the United States of America, his backers.

We had a study just come out now that corroborated everything we learned from Seymour Hersh recently; Hersh quoted all sorts of US intelligence officials that saying that they knew that this was not a Syrian government chemical weapons attack from almost the moment it happened. And now we have this new study out that was put out by Postol and Lloyd. [Richard] Lloyd is a former UN chemical weapons inspector and [Theodore] Postol is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And these guys did a very, very detailed study – in collaboration with many other American scientists – of the rocket that carried the chemical weapons into al-Ghouta and what they found was that rocket had only a two-kilometer range; yet the territory control by the Syrian government was four kilometers away.

They were shocked; these guys, Lloyd and Postol said that when they commenced the study, they expected that it was going to corroborate that the Syrian government was responsible, which shows how politically naïve they are, but as it turned out quite the opposite, they discovered and were shocked to discover that this was… proof that this could not have been fired by the Syrian government from its territory as [US President Barack] Obama was claiming.

So, we now know that it is not Syria that should be getting rid of its chemical weapons; it is the United States of America and its terrorist allies.

Press TV: Dr. Barrett, you are shaking your head (in reaction to what the other guest Lawrence J. Korb says), go ahead.

Barrett: They agreed to get rid of them as the result of mass murder by the United States of America and its Saudi allies; you are saying that it does not matter that the United States of America and Saudi intelligence murdered hundreds of people in al-Ghouta and tried to blame the Syrian government? You are apologizing for that murder and you are saying that it is Syria that should get rid of its chemical weapons, when they were the victims of this? Are you out of your mind, sir?

Press TV: Let me turn to you and look at some of our [Facebook] comments in general; this time around, it seems that most of the viewers are in coordination with each other, agree with each other basically that when the US labels an entity a terrorist, it is usually something that is against their interest, but when they call them a moderate element, then it seems to be working on their behalf.

Let us look at the situation on the ground in Syria, how can they differentiate who is who on the ground? We have seen time and time again brutal and inhumane situations on the ground. Even today we have just been exposed to another beheading by these insurgents that they filmed and at the same time clapped and laughed. So, how can it be justified by Washington to support this type of entities?

Barrett: Well, of course what we are hearing from Mr. Korb is the official US propaganda line that the US is only supporting the so-called moderate terrorists or moderate insurgents, the good guys.

As the viewers suggest, that means basically those who listen to the US, but in fact it is not true that the US is only supporting these so-called non-al-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria, they are also propping up the al-Qaeda terrorists and this has been made very clear in many ways.

Well, for one thing the military situation on the ground is such that the main military opposition to President [Bashar al-] Assad’s government is coming from these al-Qaeda linked groups and they are being armed with the full coopeation of the US in Turkey, which is a close US ally, through Qatar, which is basically one big US military base in the [Persian] Gulf.

And we know that the Benghazi incident involved a secret CIA station in Libya that was funneling weapons from the al-Qaeda forces in Libya that the US helped seize power there to the al-Qaeda forces in Syria.

So, the US is playing a double game; it is pretending that there are good insurgents that it is supporting, and in fact a negligible military presence by any of these non al-Qaeda people in Syria, but that is the puppet that is being waved around by Washington, while it secretly and covertly arms the al-Qaeda brigades, which are working with its very close allies, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar.

So, it is a very hypocritical, double game; I hope Mr. Korb is not naïve and ignorant enough to actually believe the lies that he is telling us.

Press TV: However, we know that the new Middle East plan that former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton had mentioned, also we have other reports from some experts, talking about a greater Israel plan that basically fits into the Zionist plan of a greater Israel, which includes parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, parts of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Sinai. I’d like your take on that particular perspective.

Barrett: Absolutely, Israel has been devoted to this greater Israel plan for decades and the plan after 9/11, we have been told by General Wesley Clark, was to overthrow seven countries in five years and Syria was on that list.

So, Mr. Korb is being disingenuous at best when he tells us that we are getting along fine with Syria. Syria was on the 9/11 hit-list. Nine elven was a coup d’etat by the hardline Zionist forces in the US government and its purpose was to implement this plan of making the Middle East safe for greater Israel and that is why they invaded Iraq and destabilized, overthrew these various governments, destroyed Sudan, destroyed Libya, trying to destroy Syria, Iran is the last county on their list and god willing, they will not get that far. But yeah, this is all about a destabilized Middle East on behalf of Israel.

Mr. Korb is right; the US does not have any beef with Syria or with any other country in the region, except maybe Israel, which attacked us on 9/11 and murdered 3,000 of our citizens. Unfortunately, our foreign policy has been taken over by these Zionist traitors and they are running our foreign policy to destabilize the Middle East, this is not in the US’s interest.

And when he denies that the US is supporting al-Qaeda and of course in the Zionists’ interest, you know, he should talk to Michael Scheuer, who was the head of the CIA bin Laden unit.

I just had him on my radio show; we had a great interview; Michael Scheuer flat-out said that the US is propping up and supporting al-Qaeda in both Libya and Syria, and he said that the US policy to support al-Qaeda in Syria seems to be aimed at creating a genocide of a million Alawites; I mean these are quotes from him and if you would like to listen Mr. Korb, you can go to No Lies Radio and find the broadcast of that show and see what you think.

Press TV: What about that? Because he [Mr. Kob] is saying that we have not heard… the president has not said that he must step down, President Obama, but we now that the secretary of state and we also know Brussels officials have continually said that he must step down. What do you make of this?

Barrett: It is just more of the contradictions that we are hearing from that side; Mr. Korb does not really sound sure of himself when he says he does not think Assad would win in the elections; well, let us find out, I mean let us have a very, very carefully, internationally monitored elections in Syria and see what happens. The polls I have seen show that in the lowest point of Assad’s popularity, he is still at 60 percent.

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