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US plays with Iranians’ health for political gains, envoy says

Iran’s permanent envoy to the United Nations identifies the US’s illegal and inhumane sanctions targeting the country as means of endangering the Iranian nation’s health towards political goals.

Majid Takht-Ravanchi made the remarks on Thursday, addressing the UN General Assembly’s High-Level Meeting on AIDS.

He made mention of Iran’s progress in the area of the health situation of the HIV positive patients and those who are subject to the unwelcome phenomenon. The official noted how Iranian scientists had managed to enable prevention of the disease’s transfer from affected mothers to their children, and also contain the disease’s adverse effects.

Despite the notable progress, Iran is still suffering from the sanctions that prevent its access to medical products, technology, and cooperation with the international financial institutions, he said.

The US returned the sanctions in 2018 after leaving a historic multi-party nuclear deal with Iran and others that is officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

It then began forcing third countries into abiding by the sanctions and stopping their trade with Iran. Washington’s European allies, including the UK, France, and Germany, which are also JCPOA members, have been among those that have devotedly toed the sanction line.

“The United States’ oppressive and unilateral sanctions run counter to the principles and goals sought by the UN Charter as well as the international law and the essential norms that govern the international relations,” Takht-Ravanchi said.

The official underscored that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic had compounded the negative impact of the coercive measures, specially on women, children, adolescents, the elderly, and those with handicap.

Endangering the general public’s heath and security towards political purposes is not only illegal, but amounts to a “war crime and crime against humanity” that carries international accountability, he said.

The official finally noted that moral responsibility dictated that the country poses strong opposition to the economic bans and demand their speedy removal.

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