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US Plotting to Create Autonomous Kurdistan Region in Syria


A Syrian news and analysis website revealed Washington’s plot to establish an autonomous Kurdistan region in Syria with the help of the Head of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party Salih Muslim and people loyal to President of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region Masoud Barzani.
Al-Majhar website quoted informed sources in Iraq’s Erbil and Syria’s Kobani as saying that following the implementation of a plan to form the Kurdistan corps by training the Kurdish forces, the US will embark on necessary measures to form offices to create an autonomous Kurdistan in Northern Syria.

Based on the report, the Syrian Kurds believe that the US support will lead to the establishment of a Kurdish government in Syria.

According to al-Majhar, the US officials believe that it is possible for them to implement their plots given the loyalty of Barzani forces and Salih Muslim to Washington as well as their active participation in war against the Syrian army and the ISIL terrorists.

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