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US police forces being Israelized

A military analyst says police departments in the United States are being trained by Israeli groups aiming to sink the country into total militarization and dictatorship, Press TV reports.
“Slowly, every police department in the United States, at the behest of the Department of Homeland Security [DHS], is being trained by Israeli groups. As part of this training, there is an increased move to use of military uniforms, armored vehicles, heavy weapons, illegal surveillance, lying to the people, press and courts and systematic interference in the electoral system,” Gordon Duff wrote in an article on Press TV website.

He went on to say that, the process of “Israelization” of police in the US includes several policies which “the new Israeli trained American police are tasked with stopping opposition to”.

“Total militarization of police, military tactics, utter disrespect for civil law, the constitution, civil liberties, freedom of speech and the unbridled growth of centralized power under unlimited corruption; government by money and organized crime. Systematic suppression of dissent…,” Duff noted.

The analyst added that the US has a reputation for corrupt police organizations with many senior American officers imprisoned every year.

Duff further explained that, “Every major American city and most smaller departments, and there are thousands, are being ‘retrained,’ not to fight corruption but being armed for civil war, trained to work directly with military personnel to police America in accordance with unpublished policies …”

He also stated that all the terrorist acts that happen in the US involve the American law enforcement, which “recruit terrorists or carefully remove key suspects”.

“What careful analysis indicates is that the groups that are training our police are, if not exactly the same, are closely related to groups suspected of being terrorists themselves, providing support for terrorists in Africa and the Middle East,” Duff concluded.

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