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Larijani: US problematic for intl. order



Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Tue. the US has itself become problematic for the international order and cannot serve as an anchor for other counties as its policies are based on exploitation.

Ali Larijani made the remarks in a summit of Eurasian parliament members in the Russian capital city of Moscow on Tuesday, which was opened by statements by Russian President Vladimir Putin and UN Director General Ban Ki-moon.

“The totalitarian global management as claimed by the US, with all the crises and wars we have been witnessing so far, has clearly proved its failure,” Larijani said, while noting that the model of European Union could be an alternative, and urging closer cooperation among all countries to achieve this end.

Larijani dismissed the use of sanctions regime in the international order as an instrument in the hands of the US employed against other countries, saying Washington had made a major mistake by imposing sanctions against Iran.

“Terrorism, too, has become a worrying factor in the region,” Larijani added. “The terrorist attacks continue rearing their heads in Syria, Libya and Yemen, and we know the original perpetrators behind them. Terrorism has become an interventional tool for the US to be used against other countries.”

The Iranian senior official further highlighted the need for the Eurasian parliamentary summit to become systematic, have an efficient secretariat, and a written constitution to establish an effective structure.

The summit was attended by speakers of parliament from Iran, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan Republic, Belarus, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Cambodia, Mongolia, Pakistan, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, the Philippines and Czech Republic.

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