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‘US protesters against rich one percent’

US protesters are totally against the distribution of wealth and power among the minority in the country, the Occupied Wall Street Journal editor Arun Gupta tells Press TV.

“There is no one single demand, we can say why people are there because they are all opposed to the extreme concentration of the wealth and power among the top one percent of the society,” he said in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Saturday.

“It’s a system of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich,” he added.

“We need to get profit out of the system, not just the political system, but the economic system because if you make political changes, but leave the corporations in charge, they will slowly cheap away at it and overwhelmed it,” Gupta said.

He also criticized the US government for “institutionalizing corruption and bribery.”

“We call it campaign contributions and political donations,” he said.

Since September 17, demonstrators have been protesting against corporatism, unemployment, poverty and social inequality.

The protests which began in New York City have now spread to 847 other cities across the country.

Protesters use the slogan “We are the 99 percent” to call attention to the fact that they are not part of the one percent of Americans in possession of the nation’s wealth.

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