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US protesters urge solidarity rallies

US protesters called for solidarity rallies in a show of support for the dozens of 99-percenters detained during the rallies on the six-month anniversary of the anti-Capitalism movement.

The 99-percenters urged further protest rallies and vigils at local police stations across America to express discontent with the US police brutality and the detention of dozens of demonstrators in New York, Los Angeles and Midwest on Saturday.

On the six-month anniversary of movement on Saturday, anti-corporatism demonstrators gathered together to launch new series of protests in New York.

During the gathering, US riot police clashed with the 99-percenters that tried to reoccupy the Zuccotti Park, the focal point of the anti-Capitalism campaign in New York’s financial district.

Dozens of the anti-capitalist protesters were arrested as police forces stormed the park, pulling the people, one by one, from the crowd by force and leading them out of the park in handcuffs.

The protesters have been using the slogan, “We are the 99 percent” to distinguish themselves from the one percent of Americans that are in possession of the greatest portion of the nation’s wealth.

The anti-Capitalism movement emerged after a group of people on September 17 rallied in New York’s financial district under the motto of ‘Occupy Wall Street,’ protesting corruption, poverty as well as social inequality in the US.

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