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US rage rooted in repeated failures vis-a-vis Iran: Foreign Ministry

The Iranian Foreign Ministry says the rage that characterizes Washington’s most recent threats against Iran is rooted in its repeated failures to align the rest of the world with its enmity towards the Islamic Republic.

The Ministry released a statement on Sunday, hours after Washington failed to return the United Nations sanctions against Tehran as it had intended. The US was snubbed in the bid even by its major allies because it has left the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, giving up the right to use the “snapback” mechanism.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, however, rushed to obscure that fact by claiming that the bans were actually “back in effect,” and threatening any country that would defy the sanctions with “consequences.”

The Ministry said such rage was born out of Washington’s desperation from repeatedly hearing “No” from the international community in its anti-Iran campaign as well as its back-to-back defeats in the face of the Islamic Republic’s active diplomacy.

Pompeo is claiming victory for the anti-Iran drive, while Washington essentially failed to ever launch the “snapback” bid with the UN because it lost the right to do so by leaving the nuclear agreement in 2018, the Ministry said. The American top diplomat’s remarks, therefore, only serve domestic political interests for the US, it added.

Pompeo’s very act of resorting to “his usual way of trying to threaten and cow” other countries serves as “an admission of defeat” against Iran, the statement noted.

Washington’s recourse to threats against the international community also highlights more vividly than ever that the US is “the biggest source of menace for the international peace and security,” it added.

The Ministry advised US President Donald Trump not to further isolate his country by “following the advice of ignorant people, who are unacquainted with the [dominant] international circumstances.”

The statement finally warned that Iran would issue a “serious response” if the US, single-handedly or in cooperation with its vassals, attempted to actually act on its threats.

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