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US seeks disintegration of Iraq, Syria


The United States says victory against the ISIL terrorist group requires “strategic patience” amid signs that Washington is seeking to disintegrate Iraq and Syria.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Tuesday admitted that the air attacks alone are not enough to destroy the Takfiri terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

He added that training and arming the Iraqi army and non-ISIL militants in Syria need long-term efforts.

The US official also confirmed that US airstrikes target Syria’s infrastructure such as oil refineries.

However, he claimed that the strategy has been adopted because these targets are controlled by the terrorists.

The comments have intensified speculations that the US has been planning to break up Iraq and Syria through supporting Sunni and Kurdish armed groups, which are after the disintegration of the two countries.

The US invaded Iraq in March 2003 and could defeat the Iraqi army, one of the most powerful militaries in the Middle East, only in three weeks.

However, despite criticisms to Washington’s strategy of the so-called “surgical” air attacks against the ISIL terrorists, the Obama administration has refused to announce any plans for ground operations or any clear strategy for defeating the group.

The current policy signals that the presence of ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Iraq and Syria serves Washington’s interests and it can continue with its long-term plans for the two countries under the pretext of fighting the terrorists.

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