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‘US seeks to take control of Yemen using Saudis’


The United States is behind Saudi Arabia’s onslaught on Yemen, says an activist, adding that Washington is seeking to take control of the impoverished Arab nation using Riyadh.   

“The Saudis alone could not be flying these missions … They are using American and British weapons but mostly American weapons. The American planes are fueling them in the air … American advisers are helping them with logistics and helping them with logistics means the Americans are basically helping them choose targets,” Judith Bello, member of the United National Antiwar Movement, told Press TV in an interview on Thursday.

“The issue is that the Americans are 100 percent behind this war, they want to control that territory, they want to control the straits that the oil passes through, they want to – through the Saudis- have control of as much as the Arabian Peninsula as they can,” she added.

This activist’s comments came after at least 15 civilians, including one child, were killed in a Saudi airstrike on the outskirts of Yemen’s port city of Hudaydah.

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