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US soldiers dying for zionist lobbies: Analyst


American soldiers have been dying in US-led wars across the world just for the interests of Zionist lobbies, a political commentator tells Press TV.

“Since 2001, American soldiers have been risking their lives in a crusade whose main beneficiary is the Israeli regime,” Kevin Barrett wrote in a column for the Press TV website.

He added that Jewish Americans have been “massively underrepresented” among American soldiers killed in the “Zionist-driven war on Islam for Israel.”

“America’s veterans are gradually realizing how badly they have been misused by the Zionist architects of the 9/11 wars,” wrote Barrett.

Citing official reports, the analyst said only 0.64 percent of 5,000 casualties of America’s so-called war on terror is related to Jewish Americans.

However, he said, “…hardcore neoconservative Jewish Zionists are massively over-represented” among the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) elite that set up the 9/11 attacks.

He stated that the American veterans are infuriated at the “toxic smog of Fox News propaganda.”

“And if Rupert Murdoch and his genocidal propagandists are not prosecuted soon, America’s patriotic truth-loving veterans may decide to march on Fox News headquarters and give the phrase ‘media lynching’ a new and literal meaning,” said Barrett, referring to Australian American business magnate, Rupert Murdoch.

Since 2003, suicide among active-duty members of the US military and veterans has soared to record levels. An estimated 22 veterans killed themselves each day in 2010, compared with 18 per day in 2007, according to the latest figures available from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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