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‘US still frightened of Iran naval mines’

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the defensive power of Iran’s naval mines during the 1980-1988 imposed war with Iraq has left the US frightened of the ammunition to date.
According to ISNA, the IRGC Navy Commander, Rear-Admiral Ali Fadavi said “our mines so impacted on the Americans that they are still in a state of dread resulting from the mines.”
“The Americans had [so] planned that the imposed war end with our defeat, but the role of the [Islamic Revolution Guards] Corps Navy caused the plan…to fail,” he said.
He noted “The series of our retaliatory measures in the face of a trend, which Americans had planned and started, caused the trend of the war to change in our favor…”.
The IRGC commander said “it was performance of more than 139 retaliatory operations, 17 missile operations, and purposeful and smart application of naval mines” together with other operations, which changed the war’s destination and caused the US to fail in the purpose it had regarding the Islamic Republic.
The imposed war began a year after the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution when Iraq, supported by world powers, invaded the Islamic Republic by launching aerial and ground incursions into Iranian soil.

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