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US UAV shot down on Iraq-Syria border: local media

A US drone has been shot down by Iraqi Resistance groups on the Iraqi-Syrian border, according to local news sources.

The Sabereen News Telegram channel reported on Saturday afternoon that a US drone had been shot down by Iraqi Resistance groups on the border with Syria.

The telegram media reported that the American drone was carrying out a hostile mission against the Resistance forces (Iraqi PMU), which was shot down by the parasite systems of the Resistance groups.

The source added that the drone had targeted a vacant position belonging to the Iraqi Resistance groups before it was shot down.

The report comes as media sources reported on Saturday morning that a drone had attacked Iraqi groups’ positions in Syria’s al-Bukamal border region.

The media reported that an unidentified drone had targeted Iraqi Resistance positions in the al-Bukamal border town, but PMU (al-Hashd al-Shabi) and Iraqi officials did not confirm or deny the news.

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